5 Reasons why you need an exceptional sign board for your outlet

“A business without a sign is a sign of business without any business”

1. It’s all about proximity
The average business unit (shop/outlet) gets upto 50% of their sales due to their signage and around 85% from within the surrounding 10km. In such a scenario, it would not be wise to settle for anything less than a truly exceptional signage – something that dulls everything around and makes people focus on your outlet.

2. Catch the eye, catch the buy
A consumer survey stated that 7 in 10 (68%) of people said they tried a service because a sign caught their eye. In a world full of choices people are confused. A consumer will look around and since there is no other parameter to judge the stores, they will enter yours because your sign catches their eye. Think hard, you have done that yourself. You’re hungry and there are several restaurants that all serve the food you might like. You feel so confused – you look around. One sign seems to be particularly attractive. Wouldn’t you want to just walk in and try and look around?

3. Continuous brand building
You spend hundreds of thousands on your marketing and promotional activities. But your sign is an advertising source that serves you 24×7. It’s always there for people to see and build your brand image in your head. Make sure you get a very attractive sign.

4. Signage quality represents your quality
A signage is the first thing a consumer notices about your showroom / shop. They don’t know your products or your quality or your friendly customer service. They’re judging your book by its cover. When you have a signage which look cheap, or is not bright enough, or broken or it doesn’t stand out to pull attention – the consumer assumes the same about your business. This assumption might or might not be true but unfortunately that is how the human brain works. It’s time you start exploiting that knowledge.

An LED signage made really well represents good quality products in the store

An LED signage made really well represents good quality products in the store

5. Make sure it stays that way
A signage is a sizable investment. A lot of times, signage look really good the first day but their aesthetics deteriorates with time. As an end-user, you will not be able to tell just by the look which sign will last long and which one won’t. Only the manufacturer has that information. Make sure you rely on a good company, which offers good quality signage so that they look attractive for years and not months.

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