Amitoje India: Special deals for bulk canvas photo prints

Being one of the largest print service providers in the country, we’re happy to announce that we can provide special deals for bulk printing on canvas. 

We can print canvas upto 6ft in width and an unlimited height. We use a 100% cotton canvas which is coated for excellent print quality. Using our high-end UV digital 4-color printing machines, we can print pictures, designs, paintings and photos on canvas in spectacular detail.

Moreover, these prints are waterproof and weatherproof since they the special inks are cured using UV lamps. This makes the print resistant to moisture, scratching or sunlight.

If you have a large requirement and little time, do not worry. We have an unmatched production capacity and can deliver thousands of square feet of printed canvas per day. Our retail price for canvas photo printing is Rs. 250 per sqft (as of today) but we can provide heavy discount and cheap prices on canvas prints. Contact us with your specific query.