Where to look for the best window displays on the internet

As all creative people, visual merchandizers need inspiration from time to time. And the best way to do that is to search online for window display images done previously. Afterall, all creativity is born in looking and learning and applying to your situation. But searching properly requires some skill and research. We’ve looked up some popular sources and are presenting them to you right now.

How to look for the best window display pictures on google images

We’re aware of some well known international brands that roll out exceptional window displays. To find great window displays, the right key words are Anthropologie, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Harrods  and Printemps and combined them with related keyword like window display, visual merchandising, shop window or holiday window. Take the following for example:

But wait, there’s more sources

Window Display Boards on Pinterest

Window display sets on Flickr:

Window display albums from Facebook:

Why you need Amitoje India?

Conceptualization is one part. Implementation is equally important. That’s where we step in – Amitoje India is your one stop shop for all requirements related to instore branding and VM. We help brands all across the country and print,procure and fabricate customized window display and props. Contact us today.


What happens when you push our double sided cutout

You’ll see.

We’ve launched these a while ago, our customers have loved it and thousands have been made by us. But this is the first time we’ve made a video showing how stable our novel design of a self standing cutout can be. Click below to watch the video.


Contact us today – info@amitoje.com

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7 Innovative Inshop Branding Ideas from Amitoje India

7 Innovative Inshop Branding Ideas from Amitoje India

Being one of the top inshop branding agencies in the country, Amitoje India presents 7 very smart ways to brand your stores and getting consumer attention.

1. 3D Wall visuals
Everyone uses plain printed graphics on sunboard and vinyl for wall branding. However, an excellent way to create impact is to use 3D cutout jutting out of the creative. These cutouts can again be made in 5mm sunboard and attached to the background creative.

Sunboard print with sunboard cutout - in form of a dangler



2. Cutout standees (no metal stand)
Rollup standees are now a thing of the past for inshop branding. Dazzle the consumer with a cutout standee. But more than that, we present an innovative standee which needs no ugly metallic back but can stand up by itself. Also it can be double sided unlike any other standee in the market.



3. Floor graphics
People always look where they’re walking. So they can never miss a floor graphic. With a really good 3M floor-grade vinyl that we use, these creatives have a really good life even in places with high footfall.

Floor vinyl printing


4. Six sided glowbox
Inshop Branding is about creating impact and making sure people see what you have to show. Breaking the clutter is an extremely important step in that. This glowbox does exactly that.


6 sided glowbox

6 sided glowbox





5. Backlit totem
A well designed floor-standing totem with changeable graphics and LED lighting. A mobile and elegant design which can be placed anywhere you have some extra space in your stores.


Backlit totem

Backlit totem





6. Canvas frames
Canvas has traditionally been used for paintings and art. However, people miss out how good a medium it is to print marketing communication material. It’s matte and fabric look gives it an extremely rich feel. Moreover, when mounted on a 1″ wooden frame, it can be hung anywhere like a painting and looks very different from all the other plasticy posters people see everywhere.

An image printed on canvas and gallery wrapped



7. Metallic Prints
Another interesting medium to print creatives on is metal. This can be done by printing on ACP or a metallic vinyl which can then be used like normal vinyl but there’s lively glow in the prints which gives it an impeccable sheen.


We can help you with all these solutions anywhere across the country. Amitoje India is the leader in Inshop branding and we provide all kinds of branding, execution and retail fabrication services all across India. Contact us to know more.

How VMoncloud is a boon for all Visual Merchandizers

How VMoncloud is a boon for all Visual Merchandizers

VM involves a lot of design skill, effort and co-ordination. Making your store look good and more importantly conducive to purchase is a difficult task in the first place. But unfortunately, the ideas in the head of the VM translate differently to reality after it’s implemented by a vendor.




VMoncloud is a platform that is about to be launched soon which enables store VMs to manage store lists and each visual property in them. A visual property can be anything – a window where you can place props, a glass wall, a trial room door, a pillar with empty space, a floor space, a counter-top or front etc – you get the picture.

The way these visual properties are managed now is by the use of Excel or PPTs. VMoncloud lets you manage these on the web. You can create a master store list online (which can easily be imported from your existing excel file) and add visual properties in each store in this system. Once you’ve entered details about the properties like what the property is (e.g. MS Frame, a wall, a  pillar, a door etc), the dimensions (Yes, recee values can also be stored for future use) etc, these things are in the system forever. They can be exported anytime into an excel file.

But now we come to the best feature. We all hate managing installation pictures and those emails with hundreds of picture attachments which the vendor might send across or which you have to click yourself. Instead give the vendor secure and easy access of your store on VMoncloud where they can upload pics of work implemented without changing anything else. This is now available to you at the click of a button and you can see the quality of work, and if the implementation is done to your satisfaction. And you can do this for 10s or 100s of stores from your laptop or iPad sitting anywhere – because everything is online.

VMoncloud has a invite-only registration model. Which means not everyone can use it. You have to be invited by someone who’s already using it to be able to do that. But you can also request the admin team to send you a custom invite. The platform is only in its nascent stage and we expect a lot of improvements and additional features to make your life easier. Check it out today.

Click here to visit www.vmoncloud.com

There are some very complicated tools in the market but nothing focuses on this aspect like VMoncloud does. We recommend you visit the website and find out more.

What is Inshop branding and what process is followed by Amitoje India?

What is Inshop branding

When you sell products in retail, be it your own store or through a multi-brand outlet or through modern retail outlets, you need brand and decorate the retail space. You need to put prints and creatives that capture the attention of the consumer towards your brand. Moreover, you need to make it look like the space belongs to your brand. These are universally accepted methods of retail marketing.

1. Wall / Pillar branding – The most commonly used form of inshop branding is to apply prints on the walls and pillars of a retail outlet. These graphics are usually printed on 3mm sunboard (either direct or printed vinyl mounted) and this sunboard is applied to the wall surfaces. We can’t apply vinyl directly to wall or pillar surfaces.

2. Glass branding – It could be a window glass or a partition, various form of vinyl prints are available. To know more check this post out to find out various forms of vinyl which can be used for glass and window branding.

3. Shop in shop – We create various forms of shop in shop display and POP stands at our own in-house carpentry and fabrication unit.

4. Dealer Board and glow signs – A very successful practice of retail branding includes providing dealer boards to 3rd party dealers with company branding. This helps enhance brand image at little cost and tells the consumer clearly where your product is sold. Amitoje India takes turnkey projects for glow sign board installation across the country with a product range starting from budget boards to premium quality signage.

5. Standees and poster display stands – It is also feasible to place rollup standees, cutout standees and display stands at retail outlets to grab consumer attention. It is important to be innovative in this respect. We recently came up with an innovative cutout stand format which has been successfully used by a lot of our clients.

The process followed by Amitoje India

Amitoje India is one of the leading inshop branding agencies in India. We execute retail branding activities for a huge number of companies in India and follow a strict process. The steps are as follows:

1. Recee – Our experienced team visits the location beforehand to take measurements, click pictures and understand how the installation will happen on site.

2. Creative adaptation and approval – After we have the sizes, we adapt a single creative provided by the client into various sizes for various stores and morph them onto actual images of the store. This gives the client a very good idea about how their store would look after installation. The visual merchandizers then approve or suggest changes in the layouts.

3. Print/production – Once the morphing is approved, our production starts. We have one of the largest infrastructure in the country for manufacturing of promotional prints, signage and other POS material.

4. Transportation to different locations – Since we deal with a lot MNCs and corporates with presence all over India, we service all parts of the country. Our installation teams travel far and wide and complete campaign executions in the least possible time. Sometimes the material is also sent through logistic agencies depending on the material and location to optimize costs. These plans are always shared with the client team.

5. Installation – The skilled installation team has over 50 people who are on our payroll and work in all locations across to delivery quality and timely service. They then click pictures and get verification forms signed.

6. Pictures and support documents provided – These pictures and forms are then provided to client for billing and verification purposes.

We are one of the most experienced and organized players in the market for such activities and have helped tens of brands with their retail inshop branding needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more how we can help you.

What printing resolution do I need: Printer resolution demystified

What printing resolution do I need?


What is DPI and how does it relate to print size?

DPI stands for dots-per-inch. Any digital printer in the world converts your images to dots and places those dots on the paper/media. These small colored dots merge up to form your printed image. A lot of complicated algorithms go into how to printer optimizes its internal printing mechanism but we’ll keep it extremely easy to understand.

You would surely know that your images on your computer are also made of up several dots – called pixels. So when we say an image is 1240 by 900 – we’re essentially saying there are 1240 columns and 900 rows of pixels – a total of 1240 x 900 = 1,116,000 dots (or pixels) that make up the image.

Now when we go ahead and print this image, the printer needs to understand how large we want to print it. So we tell the printer that this image is 100 dpi (or ppi). Which means we are asking the printer to place 100 dots of this image per inch. And since we have 1240 dots in the horizontal direction, the width of the print will be 12.4 inches. Similarly, the height will be 9 inches.

The simple formula is

Print dimension = Pixels / Resolution

Relation of dpi, pixels and print size

What resolution do I need for various digital printing formats?

Remember the number of pixels is the information contained in an image. You can’t change it. (You can do so forcefully, but it really doesn’t help – see later questions). So if an image is 1240 x 900 pixels, we can choose a resolution for the image (in a software like Photoshop) to suit our printing requirements. The smaller the resolution, the larger the print we can get from the same image. But if we keep the resolution too low (or print size too high) then the print gets pixellated and doesn’t look good. This is where experience comes in. We have been printing images for years now and these are just some rough guidelines to follow for the best resolutions.

Very important: You DO NOT need 300 dpi for all printing formats. Especially not for large-format printing (where the sizes in the range of a few feet)

Sunboard / Vinyl printing: Due to the relatively smooth surface, a good printing resolution is around 100-120 dpi. You can of course use a larger resolution at your print size, but it won’t make a difference.

Flex printing: Since the flex surface is extremely rough, anything around 72-80 dpi is good enough. But for very very large sizes like hoardings – we even use resolutions between 35-60 dpi sometimes.

Glass/Acrylic printing: You want to stay within 90-120 dpi for a smooth surface like glass

Canvas Printing: Since canvas again is textured, a 72 – 100 dpi works perfectly.

Leather printing: For leather, depending on leather grain, stay within 70-100 dpi.

Paper printing: Coming to small format printing the widely accepted norm is 300 dpi. The reason is that we have to hold paper prints very close to our eyes. So the printing has to be extremely crisp which means resolution must be high.


What does hi-res mean?

Hi-res simply stands for high-resolution. There is no standard for this and it is relative. Basically any image that fits your print size and resolution is hi-res. Anything that is way below that is low-res.


Can I convert low-res files to hi-res?

There can be no automatic way of conversion. Only because if a file does not contain enough information to display it in a very large size, you can’t force it to acquire more info. If a file is 1200 x 900 pixels, you can force it to resize to 2400 x 1800 pixels in many software but they use approximation algorithms to extend already available data.

If you have a file 1200 x 900 which you forcefully resize to 2400 x 1800, and you print it in 100 dpi resolution (24 inches x 18 inches), you will see the the result will not be very satisfactory. The pixels will appear botched and squared. Only because the files does not have enough information to be represented in such a size. You can get away with this if the print has to be seen from a large distance – that’s when a relatively low distance works.

Usually, if you have a really large print size say more than 10ft, it will probably be viewed for a greater distance and that is when you can afford to have a low-resolution print without the viewer noticing.


Where do I find hi-res files?

Images and pictures with very good resolution and print size capability are found all across in the internet. Depending on your use, you can purchase images from stock sites such as shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com, 123rf.com etc. You can also find large sized images on google and bing image searches but be careful about copyright issues.

Finally, if get prints at Amitoje India, we will  guide you through the process and make sure the files that you give are good enough to be printed at the size you want.



Direct UV printing vs Vinyl Printing on Sun board

6 reasons why UV printing is a better and smart choice

Direct UV printing entails feeding a blank sheet to the machine and the sheet is directly printed without the need of any other film or sticker to be pasted on it. This form of printing has a lot of benefits over the traditional form of vinyl pasted on MDF/Sunboard.

1. Speed: Believe it or not, printing a substrate like Sunboard or sunpack or MDF directly is a much faster process than printing on a vinyl (which is usually quite slow itself), and then pasting it on another material. When time is of the essence faster production makes all the difference.

2. Cost: Since a lot of material, time and effort are saved in this process, direct UV printing will usually turn out to be cheaper than vinyl mounting. This cost benefit can further be passed to the custom and creates a win-win situation.

3. Peeling/durability: One of the major problems seen with vinyl applications are peeling edges. When you print a sheet directly, there is no question of any print peeling or scraping since the inks are UV cured and therefore permanent. These inks are water-proof and sun-proof so ensure a much longer durability and quality of the end product.

4. Color fading: Since the inks used to directly print a sheet are UV cured, they’re inherently protected from the Sun’s UV rays which are responsible for fading prints over time. These materials can last for as long as 3-5 years even in direct sunlight

5. Eco-friendly: Direct UV printing does not use solvent or eco-solvent ink forms. This is the latest technology in the printing world and is the most eco-friendly solution available. If you care about the environment, let your products show that.

6. Print-Cut-Sync: If you want a sun board or MDF cut out, it is much easier and efficient to sync a directly printed sheet with the cutting shape since the whole process is automatic and no manual intervention is needed. As a result, cut outs are faster and neater.

All of these make choosing direct UV printing a logical choice over digital vinyl printing. People are still not aware of the advancements and benefits of newer technologies and we at Amitoje India, feel it is our responsibility to spread this knowledge. We house all printing technologies like solvent printing, eco-solvent printing, digital printing and UV printing in-house and understand the benefits and disadvantages.

An entrepreneur’s tribute to every employee out there

An entrepreneur’s tribute to every employee out there

I am an entrepreneur – self-employed, without a boss, without restrictions – I am an employer.

I have always been an entrepreneur. Around three years ago, before I was involved with Amitoje India, I founded an e-commerce company called madeinhealth.com which did really well for a year and later got acquired by a larger company. Post the successful acquisition, I got a very decent work offer from another well known e-commerce company. Even though I did not know how long I would stick around I accepted the offer. To be honest I did that just to see what it felt like to be employed. And on the day that I quit my first job after 7 months, I had a major epiphany.

Earlier, I subscribed to the popular belief that it is much easier and secure to have a job than to run your own company. To go everyday and get your due salary, whether the company made profit or loss. But after this experience I found reality was much different. I realized how important my employees were and how they were responsible for the smooth motion of the company.  I experienced a part of what they experience everyday and found out it’s not as convenient as I earlier imagined it would be.

For a change, this time I’m not writing about printing, or signage or retail display or any of the services Amitoje India (my company) offers. I’m just writing to express the heartfelt respect and regard I have for anyone and everyone employed under someone else. I have genuine respect for people who work with all their heart and the greatest commitment to create value. These people have the courage to work with restricted freedom, to obey unreasonable orders  from people who’re often not as smart as them, much less experienced and further away from ground realities. A lot of times, they have to perform tasks just as rituals, knowing they are less efficient. Every single day they deal with bosses and managers and leaders filled with egos (unwarranted in many cases), bear their worst temperaments and act as per their whims and fancies.

A frame from movie Office Space

A frame from comedy movie Office Space (watch it if you haven’t)

Don’t get me wrong – there are good times in a job. Like the great feeling of exhilaration of seeing your ideas manifest by long-sustained effort. And of course, there is the monthly high you get when get the SMS from your bank with your salary credited. Surely there are bosses who are wiser, smarter and more experienced than you who will help you a great amount. There are managers who will mentor and teach you, but as you and I know, they are rare.

These people work who for someone, wake up with extreme discipline at early hours because they know they have to be in on a certain time. They take the bus, train, metro or drive through heavy traffic and still make sure works starts at on time. They put their heart, soul and long hours into their work considering it their duty sometimes even without the due credit – even though the greatest human desire is not money or fame but genuine appreciation. And after all of this, they stand strong in the face of office politics and backstabbing. I respect such people for having the strength.

I respect such people because they suffer all this and more in a job, and yet go back to the same place everyday. Just because quitting is not always an option. I’m writing for all those people to know that even though I belong to the “other side”, I respect them for all these reasons and for all the steady resilience they possess.

Everyday I meet new people who ask me why am I not doing a high-paying corporate job after getting the best technical education in the world (I graduated from IIT Delhi and did my masters at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It’s true that running your own company has it’s ups and downs, and huge risks and major rewards and it’s a very intense roller-coaster ride. But I am convinced working for someone is equally hard, and takes courage and therefore I pay my tribute to anyone who experiences some or all of these things on a daily basis.

I request you to share this with your colleagues and friends who will be able to relate to this. And all said and done – for digital printing, retail branding and POP display, please give your business to only our company – because our employees are simply the best ;)


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