At Amitoje India, we help retail clients with customized fabrication of demo and product highlight units. . But why are they so useful in generating sales ? Let’s find out.

1. People don’t have time to read.
It’s a busy, fast moving world. Nobody has the time or patience to read catalogs, posters or compare notes. Your branding might carry 20 points which makes your product the best, but you need just one or two to appeal and help make a purchase decision.

2. Highlighting your USP appeals to your niche
Every product has a USP – Unique selling proposition. Instead of fighting competition on all points, it’s better to just highlight what you’re best at. The people who really care about that will choose only your product. You will capture that niche if you can show them immediately that you understand what they care for.

3. Demo units make consumers curious
Surround a product with a highlighter or a demo unit, and people will want to see whatever you tell them because they find it different. They will want to see the results your product produces.

4. People never forget what you demonstrate to them
It’s easy to forget features, specs and offers. But if you demonstrate something to someone, they will never forget it. That creates a permanent branding in your consumers mind and even if he/she does not buy your product immediately, this is still a win-win situation.

5. Excellent ROI – demo and highlight units
A signage is a sizable investment. A lot of times, signage look really good the first day but their aesthetics deteriorates with time. As an end-user, you will not be able to tell just by the look which sign will last long and which one won’t. Only the manufacturer has that information. Make sure you rely on a good company, which offers good quality signage so that they look attractive for years and not months.

6. What if you can’t demonstrate your product? Highlighting it makes it look premium and special.
Not every product can have a demo unit. But a great replacement for a demo unit is a highlight unit. Sure, it takes up more space but it’s worth it because highlighting your product separates it from the clutter. Just have a custom built unit around your product subconsciously portrays it’s importance to the consumer.

We can help you with customized fabrication of such units and elements. Have your team think of an innovative design to showcase your product and come to us to get help on how it can be made.



Acrylic fabrication customized

Orient Power Saving fan unit
What better way to show the power saving feature of a fan than a unit which measures power consumed by two fans in comparison. Anyone who cares about their monthly bill will be convinced to go in for this fan.



Acrylic fabricated custom unit for Samsung

Samsung S5 Demo unit
We helped Samsung with this very innovative demo unit for their Galaxy S5 phones. This demonstrates the HDR function which greatly improves pictures in contrant lighting.



Acrylic display fabrication

Signature 8PM highlighter unit
This is a LED lit highlight unit for a bottle of signature 8PM whisky. This immediately sets this product apart from everything else in the cluttered store and conveys that we’re selling a premium product.