Flex and Vinyl Banners printing cost in Delhi

Q. What is the difference between flex and vinyl ?

A. Flex printing and Vinyl printing are commonly used terms in the industry however a lot of customers seem to have little idea. Let’s discuss these terms one by one.

Flex is a cloth-like material which is made from PVC. Flex is a much rougher and thicker material mostly used for outdoor purposes. Flex usually has a cross-hatch texture due to its manufacturing process and is usually printed by a technique called solvent printing. (The inks are solvent based). UV Printing on flex is also possible in which case the inks are UV-cured.

Vinyl is short for SAV (Self-Adhesive-Vinyl). Vinyl is like a much smoother PVC paper which has a layer of adhesive on one side. The side without the adhesive can be printed using various technologies – solvent printing on vinyl, eco-solvent printing on vinyl and UV printing on vinyl. One the print has been done, the vinyl can be pasted on any surface like a sticker. Basically, vinyl printing is just sticker printing.


Q. How are flex and vinyl used?

A. Flex is used to make larger banners and hoardings. Usually flex comes in rolls of 10ft width and a very long length. So very huge prints can be made using flex mostly because they go onto billboards, unipoles etc.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is usually printed and either applied directly onto glass or first pasted on a material like sunboard which is applied to the wall.


Q. Can flex or vinyl be pasted to a wall?

A. Answer is no for both. Flex has no adhesive therefore it will be difficult to paste it since it will have a lot of folds and wrinkles. Vinyl can be pasted temporarily but if the surface is not extremely smooth (like glass), the vinyl will come off very quickly. So to apply a creative on a wall, we must use a sunboard (or MDF or acrylic). We first print the vinyl, laminate it for protection and paste it onto a 3mm (or thicker) board. This board is comparatively rigid and can be easily pasted on a wall using double-sided tape.

Q. How much do they cost?


1. Flex printing in Delhi: Depending on which company you choose, the quality of printing and the brand of flex the cost can range from Rs. 8 (for very high quantity and low quality flex) to Rs. 50 (for low quantity, high quality flex) per sq ft.

2. Vinyl printing in Delhi:  Again, there are a lot of varieties in the material and printing technique. This ranges between Rs. 50 and Rs. 120 per sq ft.

3. Sunboard printing in Delhi: This ranges between Rs. 65 to Rs. 250 depending a lot of things. Sunboard can either be pasted with a layer of printed vinyl or at Amitoje India we can directly print the sunboard (a much better process, and less expensive)

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