Modular Retail Kiosk Fabrication

Whether you want to place kiosks outdoor or inside malls, we can fabricate all kinds of kiosks, stalls and booths. We’re experienced with dealing in various materials such as MDF, wood, ply, acrylic etc. We can provide proper flooring and wall support for your kiosks.

Our endeavor is to fabricate kiosks in a modular manner which can be easily transported and assembled onsite. All you need to do is provide your customized design and we’ll give you a quote for kiosk fabrication as per your specs. If you’re not sure of the exact specifications, we can help you figure out the best materials to use.

We have an in-house carpentry shop, paint booth, welding unit , printing unit and electrical unit. This enables us to manufacture complete kiosk in-house. We even design the packaging ourself thus being able to give you a good medium to showcase your product and maintain standards of quality. We are your best source for kiosk fabrication in Delhi.

Contact us for kiosks, booth, promotional tables or other fabricated items.