Rollup and Cutout Standees

We provide a huge range of standees and display stands for your promotional purposes.

Rollup standees are usually made of flex or banner media, and can be rolled up into an Aluminum base. Standard sizes available are 6ft x 2.5ft and 6ft x 3ft.

Cutout standees are available in customized shape cutouts and sizes. Can be made in various materials such as Sunboard or MDF. Also ask us about our innovative  standees which require no metal stand at the back for support. These standees are cheaper, easier to transport, printed with UV inks (so no peeling/scratching) and look much more elegant than the ones with metal backframes.

Standees are useful as a mobile display stand which can be easily installed and transported to various locations. We supply printed and promotional products to a huge number of corporate and MNC clients and adhere to strict standards of quality and delivery timelines. All our manufacturing is done in Delhi and material is supplied all across India.

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