Digital Glass Printing

Glass printing uses the latest in printing technology to produce stunning custom printed glass items. We take your photograph, digital image or artwork and create your own unique glass print quickly and easily. A printed glass image is a modern alternative to printing on canvas. Its appeal and style make it perfect for the display of wedding photos, portraits, landscape images or corporate signage. Applications for printing to glass are endless and can include printing images on to glass tables, kitchen splash-backs, shower screens and pool fencing.

The only constraints are your imagination; create a light and exciting image in your home or work place using our glass printing services.

Where are glass prints used?
Prints on glass are a permanent feature. In most cases they are used for interior or facade decoration. In a lot of cases, glass printing is also done to create reception signage or to produce other marketing or branding material for offices.

What type of glass can you print on?
The answer is any. It has to be a flat glass sheet. The thickness can be anywhere between 3mm to 50mm. It can be toughened or non-toughened. It can be glass or plexiglass (acrylic). We can print your glass directly and quickly. 

What kind of inks are used? Are they permanent?
We use UV-cured inks which print directly to glass. This makes your glass print waterproof and weatherproof. In fact, the life of the print is atleast three years even if placed in direct sunlight. Most fading occurs due to UV rays present in sunlight but since these inks are already UV-cured, sunlight does not affect them.

What is the maximum size of glass that can be printed?
Our flatbed machine take print a maximum of 5ft by 10ft which is a large size. Even if you have a creative that spans say 100s of feet, we can print it in perfectly matched tiles and when installed it will look like one huge artwork.

How long does it take to print glass?
Glass printing is a very fast process. You can expect to get your prints within 24 to 48 working hours. Even if you have larger quantities, we have the capacity to print thousands of sqft in a day. You can contact us for further details.

Where do I have to send my glass sheets for printing?
You can send in your glass to our workshop on Okhla. Please make sure the glass is clean and ready to print. We will print it according to the images and artwork you provide. Dropping and picking the glass up is your responsibility.

What is the price for Glass Printing in Delhi?
Basic rates are Rs. 250/sqft however, we can provide discounts for a much larger quantity. Please contact us for a quote based on your size and quantity.

Can I get a sample print first?
Sampling is possible but a minimum sampling charge of Rs. 2500/- needs to be paid upfront. Contact us for details on this.

Amitoje India is redefining the applications of photography and graphics to create durable modern images on glass that last a lifetime. Turning your photos or graphic designs into glass art (glass prints) has never been easier. Dare to impress and surround yourself with sophisticated prints on glass.

A few pictures of previously done samples are as follows: