Digital printing on Leather

Printed leather has various uses including making bags, belts, garments etc. Since digitally printed fabric is in vogue right now, there is a huge demand for Leather printing in Delhi and India.

Here at Amitoje India we offer UV printing on all forms of leather.

1. Cow leather
2. Sheep leather
3. Goat leather
4. Artificial leather / leatherite / rexine


UV printing is one of the latest technologies and the benefits of printing with UV inks

1. Waterproof: UV inks are waterproof and moisture or even rain cannot harm the colors that are printed on your canvas. Of course, you can use it for indoors for years and years.

2. Fadeproof: Since the inks are UV-cured, no UV fading takes place. That means that the colors remain same even if you place the print in direct sunlight. Normal canvas prints done on a water-based digital medium will not be resistant to this problem.

3. Excellent color output: UV inks are matte and so is the 100% cotton canvas fabric. The output is a highly saturated and rich image.

4. Quick production: We can print any size and any quantity at a great speed because of our high-end equipment. If you require canvas printing or any other form of printing in bulk, you have come to the right place.

Material Natural or artificial leather
Inks UV cured (Fadeproof, waterproof)

To see samples of prints on leather or leatherite, visit our workshop in Okhla.