Sun board printing and Foam board printing

Sun board printing is widely used in the industry for POS branding – wall branding, pillar branding, shelf branding, shelf strips, shop-in-shop etc

Sun board printing can be done in 2 ways:

1. Traditional: Eco-solvent printing on vinyl and mounted on sun board

We have a vast variety of digital and eco-solvent printing machines and the ability to mount printed vinyl onto sun board. This is the most commonly used method for store and wall branding throughout the country. We can print sun board as per your thickness requirements and use any requested vinyl brands – 3M, Avery, Max, LG etc. The quality of our printing equipment is stunning and we make sure our installation is done to ensure aesthetically appealing results.

2. New Technology: UV Flatbed sun board printing directly

We can print sun board sheets directly using our UV flatbed printers. This is a better technology since it is cheaper, faster and more resistant than traditional vinyl printing. The best part is that the sheet is printed directly so there is no chance of peeling or scratching. This method requires no lamination, however if clients  require we also have an in-house UV lamination facility for a gloss or a matte finish to the prints. This directly printed sun board can be installed on your walls with a double side adhesive tapes or nails.

You can contact us to find out more details and how we can help us in this regard.