Innovative New Cut out Stand by Amitoje India


So after a lot of research, exploration and hit and trial we came up with this we style of cutout standees. The most ugly part of the standee is the back metal so we decided to use some laws of physics and get rid of it. Plus metal makes things difficult, expensive and slow.  This new innovative cutout standee stands out from the traditional products in a lot of different ways.


Benefits are as follows:
1. Lower cost
Since there is no metal stand involved, the cost of the standee is much lower than the standard product in the market. Furthermore, the printing is done directly onto the material, saving a layer of vinyl in the process and hence cost.

2. Extremely stable
Since the standee has support from front and back, it just wont fall. Even if you push it, it’ll come back to it’s original position. This is something not seen in the traditional stands you see in the market.

3. Faster production
One complete standee involves only printing and automated cutting. No manual process of welding or pasting is involved. Since the printing is done directly onto the material, no vinyl needs to be printed and pasted thus saving a lot of time.

4. Excellent outdoor life
Since the inks used are UV coated, this standee is excellent for outdoor and even direct sunlight. They’re waterproof and the colors do not fade for a really long time. We use the latest in printing technology.

5. Easier/Cheaper transportation
This can be packed like any other flat print and transported easily. It also weighs lesser so overall transportation cost is always cheaper.

6. Single or double side
You have an option for having a graphic printed on one side or making a double side standee. This is usually not possible in any form of stands available in the market and makes this option extremely special.

We manufacture these and ship it all across the world. If you find these interesting, feel free to contact us. We are specialists with rollup and cutout standees and your best resource for Wood Printing and MDF printing in Delhi.