Printing your creatives on Canvas for your next campaign

Canvas has been used for ages for making paintings and art. But in this new age of technology, it is possible to directly print canvas in a way that is it waterproof and as fadeproof as a real painting. However, it is known by only a few that canvas is an excellent medium for marketing communication and retail display. Canvas is usually made 100% cotton and can be folded or rolled like any other fabric.

Most posters and communications are printed on either paper or self-adhesive vinyl, mounted on sunboard (foamboard) or applied directly to walls and pillars. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

Printing on Vinyl/Paper

Advantages of Paper/Self-adhesive Vinyl
◦ Traditional look and feel of printed creatives
◦ Better detail can be achieved since the surface is smooth

Disadvantages of Paper/Self-adhesive Vinyl
◦ Prints will reflect light and cause glare
◦ Prints look plasticy and unnatural
◦ This method is very common and overused

Printing on Canvas

If you get a print on canvas, we suggest getting it gallery wrapped. In this case, the canvas is wrapped on a 1″ (or more) thick wooden frame and the side edges are also covered in print. This is also called a Museum wrap or Gallery wrap. A Digital photo printed on canvas and then gallery wrapped have a vibrant 3-D feel and have the look of a piece of work taken straight from a gallery or museum. Support wooden bars in the background prevent compression marks and creases in the print. Canvas prints also give the owner many framing options such as standard frames for non-stretched prints, custom-built standard frames for mounted, and floating frames which can give added aesthetics to the print.

An image printed on canvas and gallery wrapped

Advantages of Canvas prints
◦ Gives a matty, natural and earthy feel to your print.
◦ Your creatives have 3D block effect, making them look much more elegant.
◦ Virtually unlimited sizing options with many panoramics reaching lengths of 80 inches or more
◦ Can be split into multiple panels for added visual effect
◦ Can be hung in placed with high humidity without any cause for worry since the prints are waterproof
◦ Requires no installation, and can be hung and removed in a matter of seconds just like a painting.

Disadvantages of Canvas prints
◦ The texture of canvas must be considered along with the image being printed;
◦ You cannot change the image like a paper print inside of a frame; once stretched and mounted it is permanent
◦ The printing detail is not as fine as printing it on vinyl or sunboard, but that is apparent only when you look at it from a very close distance or with very small font-size

Ultimately, we suggest using a framed canvas print for your next marketing campaign. Design posters and wall graphics and hang them up like masterpieces.

As a bonus, Amitoje India provides high quality canvas printing in Delhi (India), so you can feel free to contact us.