How VMoncloud is a boon for all Visual Merchandizers

VM involves a lot of design skill, effort and co-ordination. Making your store look good and more importantly conducive to purchase is a difficult task in the first place. But unfortunately, the ideas in the head of the VM translate differently to reality after it’s implemented by a vendor.




VMoncloud is a platform that is about to be launched soon which enables store VMs to manage store lists and each visual property in them. A visual property can be anything – a window where you can place props, a glass wall, a trial room door, a pillar with empty space, a floor space, a counter-top or front etc – you get the picture.

The way these visual properties are managed now is by the use of Excel or PPTs. VMoncloud lets you manage these on the web. You can create a master store list online (which can easily be imported from your existing excel file) and add visual properties in each store in this system. Once you’ve entered details about the properties like what the property is (e.g. MS Frame, a wall, a  pillar, a door etc), the dimensions (Yes, recee values can also be stored for future use) etc, these things are in the system forever. They can be exported anytime into an excel file.

But now we come to the best feature. We all hate managing installation pictures and those emails with hundreds of picture attachments which the vendor might send across or which you have to click yourself. Instead give the vendor secure and easy access of your store on VMoncloud where they can upload pics of work implemented without changing anything else. This is now available to you at the click of a button and you can see the quality of work, and if the implementation is done to your satisfaction. And you can do this for 10s or 100s of stores from your laptop or iPad sitting anywhere – because everything is online.

VMoncloud has a invite-only registration model. Which means not everyone can use it. You have to be invited by someone who’s already using it to be able to do that. But you can also request the admin team to send you a custom invite. The platform is only in its nascent stage and we expect a lot of improvements and additional features to make your life easier. Check it out today.

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There are some very complicated tools in the market but nothing focuses on this aspect like VMoncloud does. We recommend you visit the website and find out more.